Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Taste of my Own Medicine {Colorado Springs Family Photographer}

It's been awhile since I've been in front of the camera for family photos. A long while. But this year, for the first time in many years, my mom decided that she would like to send out a family Christmas card.
I have a feeling that a certain little someone had something to do what that decision.
And because of that certain little someone, I got to experience what many of you have experienced - family photos as the mommy of the busy toddler. I was the one thinking about how to entertain the little stinker while not breaking my smile. I was the one fighting the temptation to look at him instead of the camera.

Somehow "the more you hold still, the faster we're done" didn't register with him.

Thankgoodness he adores his JoJo, Grandpa, and aunt "Memmy." They make everything fun.
But unlike many of you, I was both in front of and behind the camera. Because, well, it's just hard to pay someone else to do what you know you can do.

It's also hard to shoot your own family. (No, no, not like that...you know what I mean.)

Enter Nate. My beautiful sister's long-time beau. We're hoping he's going to be her long, long, long time forever beau, but alas there is no ring. So, Nate got the job of shutter-clicker for the large group family photo. Don't feel too bad for him though. We made sure his lovely mug was represented in front of the camera too.
In the end I love the photos and I loved the time I got to spend with my family. Briggs really was a good boy and I only got a teensy-tiny bit stressed about it. (My husband might tell you a different story, but don't listen.)
Here's to fun and memorable Christmas-card-photo-experiences and to receiving lots of joy in my mailbox this time of year.

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thehomespunheart said...

We received our card yesterday! Beautiful! :)