Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Good to be Home

Oh, to be home with this boy is just wonderful.

We decided to spend our first two weeks at home alone. No running around town visiting. No entertaining visitors. We really aren't trying to be selfish, but we've got to make sure that Briggs knows we are his BEST people. Everyone else can be great, but we've got to be numbers 1 and 1 in his book.

But we are DYING to share our boy with everyone. He is blessing us so much and we just can't wait to spread the joy. We've been home 6 days and right now, two weeks seems like a really long time.

So for now, I'll have to settle for telling you what I've learned about this little guy so far.

He's pretty laid back, except for when it comes to his bottle. Then he is fierce.

He hates fruit. Or anything that tastes or smells like fruit. But he loves bananas. In fact, he loves bananas so much that he was kissing them on his high chair tray the other day.

He loved eating Gerber Puffs when we were in Ethiopia. Then he came home and discovered multi-grain Cheerios. Now it's Cheerios or die. Puffs are so last week.

He thinks his "welcome home" balloons are the greatest thing ever.

He loves books and toys that light up. He even has a book that lights up and he MUST get his hands on it at least once an hour.

He loves to be chased and to wrestle.

He also loves to cuddle.

He isn't afraid of the rabbit, but he is afraid of the broom. I nearly brought him to tears cleaning up the mess under his highchair after lunch.

He is a busy, busy, hilarious ball of energy when we are inside of the house. But step on foot out of the door and he's Mr. Cool Guy - won't crack a smile for nothin'.

We really do believe that things are going great. We have nothing to compare this experience to, but so far, he has exceeded all of our expectations. Most of the time, I can't believe that he has been home less than a week. Sometimes, it feels like he's been with us forever.


my name is celina baldwin said...

We are so happy for you guys! We keep asking each other, "did you see the {pictures, video, blog...etc} Mark or Becky posted." We're so excited for you and selfishly can't wait to be in your shoes! Please let us know how we can serve you. Meals...whatever!

Julie Divine said...

Truly amazing Becky. So wonderful. And I'm so
Impressed with your wisdom to stay home and bond.
I'm sure that would be hard, but what tremendous fruit
You will enjoy!