Friday, February 11, 2011

focus. focus. foc.......

I feel like there is a giant neon sign on the inside of my brain flashing *BABY* *BABY* *BABY*


Either way, it's limiting my ability to think clearly.

I forgot my wallet this week,
in the same day.

So if I've responded to you lately with a blank stare. I apologize.

It's not because I wasn't interested in what you were saying, but most likely because short-circuted for a moment and am trying to reclaim my thought process.

Please forgive.


The Cutter Family said...

You and me both, sweetie! I forget everything these days and am doing thing very uncharacteristic of my usual organized self. Expecting a baby will do that to you whether you are birthing it or adopting it! You are supposed to be a scatter brain ... WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD! Love ya, girl! :)

Meme said...

Love you! Mommy brain is a great excuse for all sorts of things:-). My brain is going *BECKY'S BABY BECKY'S BABY BECKY'S BABY BECKY'S BABY!!!!!* you are about to be a mommy. I am so excited for you. Who needs a wallet anyway.