Saturday, June 28, 2008

I don't usually;

watch Disney Playhouse.
fix a snack every hour.
wipe faces.
ask is everyone is buckled-up.
go swimming.
apply spf 50 sunscreen every two hours.
feel terror at the sight of an overflowing cup of red slushee.
get asked if I have cotton candy at my house.
force people to go to the bathroom.
get asked if I can make snow cones at my house.
request that "you please not use your whiny voice."
answer the question, "Why did the hippo poop in his pool?"
worry about "please" and "thank-you."
remind everyone that there is no reason to be fussy right now.
blow bubbles on my front porch in my jammies.
drive while looking in the backseat.
calculate the number of bouncy balls to be purchased with 46 tickets.
hear crying in the night.
wake up at 5:30 on Saturdays.

In fact, I NEVER do any of these things.

But in the past twenty-four hours I have done them all while hosting my four-year-old nieces.

I had a blast, but it is possible that I may delay parenting for another five years.


Brie said...

I'm sure they had a blast with Aunt Becky! I recognize the brunette, but who's the blondie?

Meme said...

I love your list!! The things I've forgotten are strange to other people have become such a norm. You are such a cool auntie to go through this VOLUNTARILY.... and if I were to show up on nov. 14 would you sneak me in??